Inspiration from Home Depot for Retail Health and Wellbeing Programs

Inspiration from Home Depot for Retail Health and Wellbeing Programs

April 21, 2021
Annette Maggi
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By RDBA Executive Director, Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here – much ideation, inspiration and business savvy can be gained when retail RDs spend time reading outside the nutrition space. A news reel hit me this weekend and it had my mind spinning with opportunities for retail health and wellbeing programs. I’m sharing the inspiration here with you today.

Like many home improvement stores, Home Depot is known for its in-person workshops, helping shoppers become proficient in completing DIY home projects. Over this past year, while retail RDs have moved to online cook-along and recipe demos, Home Depot has simultaneously moved their workshop concept online, with live streams. At the end of each segment and in the chat feature, shoppers are asked about how valuable they found the segment and other topics they’d like addressed. Shoppers can sign up during the session to receive a coupon, which is sent a few days post show. The sessions are limited, creating an environment where shoppers are clamoring to sign up and get a spot.

While retail RDs have effectively pivoted to more social and digital engagement, it’s essential to always have your eye on the future. Will shoppers soon tire of cook-alongs? What happens if view numbers on recipe demos start to dwindle? Here’s inspiration from the home improvement industry for a host of DIY sessions grocery healthy living programs can offer:

  • Pantry Stocking DIY. While they are cooking more at home, shoppers will always crave convenience. Offer a Pantry Stocking DIY on creating an efficient and effective pantry. Do it in real time from your own home, showing how even RDs don’t always have the perfectly stocked pantry. In follow-up, send a shoppable pantry stocking list.
  • Spice Rack DIY. Data supports that use of spices can be an effective way to increase the flavor and enjoyment of lean and healthy foods without using salt or saturated fats. Most consumers have a messy, array of varying sizes of spice jars. This DIY session can provide tips on organizing spices, tools and gadgets sold at your retailer for organizing spices, and information on when it’s time to replace your spices. In follow-up, send a coupon for spices, including refrigerated and fresh options.
  • Making Fruits & Veggies the Easy Choice DIY. Given health statistics coming out of the pandemic, everyone is trying to improve eating habits, and as we all know, choosing fruits and vegetables more frequently throughout the day is the number one improvement that can be made to achieve healthier eating habits. In this DIY, showcase a kitchen set-up that promotes fruits and veggies. Include tips such as having a fruit bowl placed where all household members will see it, having cut and prepared veggies as the first thing seen when your refrigerator is opened (instead of hidden in a drawer), and a list on the fridge of how to add more produce to routine meals. In follow-up include a coupon to fresh cut produce items.