Hiring and Getting Hired: Let RDBA's Career Center Do The Match Making

Hiring and Getting Hired: Let RDBA's Career Center Do The Match Making

June 25, 2014

Have you checked out RDBA's Career Center lately?  New positions for registered dietitians (RD) are available and RDs seeking a sweet spot have posted "jobs wanted" descriptions. Could it be time for you to make the perfect match?

We often hear from retailers that it's difficult to find the right mix of talent, skills, experience, and personality for retail dietitian positions.  Likewise, RDs routinely tell us that they'd love to enter the retail world but don't know where to start.  This is precisely why RDBA launched a Career Center—we saw the need to connect the dots between retailers and RDs.

Although our Career Center may be where the match making takes place, there's plenty that needs to happen on both the retail and dietitian side before a perfect union is identified.  For retailers, it's a matter of thinking through your strategy for the position, including reporting structure, positioning at corporate, regional, and/or store level, focus on employee or shopper engagement, and balance of wellness and disease management in programs.  And for RDs, it's a matter of knowing the retail industry, making sure you've got the chops to succeed, and knowing how to market yourself to a retailer.

So, where to begin?

  • If Your Are a Retailer: Be sure to check out the toolkit developed by RDBA and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), "Hiring, Leveraging, & Empowering Retail Dietitians." The guide is an online, interactive tool, which includes detailed descriptions of retail RD roles, sample job descriptions, and guidance on aligning RD teams within the corporate structure based on the retail size and markets.  Guidance is provided for companies interested in starting a RD program or expanding an existing program. For more information on this toolkit, visit www.fmi.org. And if you haven't posted your position on our Career Center, do so today.  More information here.
  • If You Are a Dietitian: You've clearly already taken the first step, if you've subscribed to this newsletter.  To further famliarize yourself with the retail industry, be sure to join RDBA each month for our webinars, which provide insights into the retail industry, including trends, issues, and business-related topics.  You can gain some perspective on the retail RD trend by reading our two-part article "Retail Dietitians: The Secret Ingredient for Healthy Retail."  And you'll also want to read our articles on "Breaking into Retail" to learn some critical tips for moving your career into the retail industry. And be sure to make your intentions known by posting a "jobs wanted" description in our Career Center.

RDBA is committed to being a resource for both retailers and RDs to help further the career advancement of RDs and optimize health and wellness opportunities at retail.