Helping Shoppers Navigate the Plant-Based Foods Trend

Helping Shoppers Navigate the Plant-Based Foods Trend

July 25, 2018
Retail Industry Insights

Eating habits across America continue to shift, with a recent Nielson survey showing that 39% of the population is actively trying to eat more plant-based foods. FoodNavigator-USA lists “plant-based innovation” as a top trend for 2018 (1). Food companies are responding with an increasing number of plant-based products taking up their fair share of the meat and dairy cases. 

Although multiple factors are driving the trend toward plant-based food patterns, research about the health benefits has produced a media flurry that is feeding shoppers’ interest in altering their eating habits. The focus on eating “more” plant-based foods is key, as Nielson indicates that of the over one-third who adhere to a specific eating pattern, only 6% are strict vegetarians, and 3% are vegans (2). 

As you help shoppers choose foods that fit into plant-centric meals, be sure to recommend eggs as a perfect complement! They are uniquely positioned to fit in several ways. Shoppers with concerns about environmental impact will be happy to know that although egg production in the United States has increased, total environmental footprint has decreased. Budget-savvy customers will find that eggs are the most affordable source of high-quality protein, at only 15 cents per large egg. For health-conscious shoppers who are selective about which animal proteins to include, you can highlight the unique nutrient package contained in eggs.  

To meet demand for this growing trend and help shoppers create balanced and innovative plant-based meals and snacks, try some of these in-store ideas:

  • Create a plant-based eating store tour and talk about incorporating complementary foods to provide nutritional balance. 
  • Set up a display with information about in-season produce and include recipe cards for plant-based snacks to boost veggie intake between meals.  
  • Do a plant-based cooking demo and “Put an Egg on It!” – recipes could include veggie stir-fries, on-the-go salads, or cauliflower pizza with veggie and egg toppings. 

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