Help your Shoppers Develop a Snack Game Plan This Fall

Help your Shoppers Develop a Snack Game Plan This Fall

October 18, 2022

With temperatures dropping and the holiday season approaching, your shoppers are likely busier (and more stressed) than ever. Which makes it a great time to remind them of the importance of including a variety of snacks throughout the day to help them through their busy days.

Americans are snacking more than ever. About three-quarters (73%) of adults surveyed* in 2022 indicated that they snack at least once per day – up 15% from 2021. Snack preferences depend on the time of day with morning snackers preferring fruit (43%) whereas afternoon and evening snackers tend to gravitate towards more savory/salty snacks (40%); candy, chocolate and other treats (38%); and cookies, cake and ice cream (37%).

Thanks to busy schedules, shoppers often forget to plan for snacks and when the 3pm munchie monster (i.e., their growling stomach) hits, they reach for whatever is available, without always considering the nutritional value it provides. Snacking can help bridge the gap between meals when it includes a balance of carbohydrates (preferably whole grain), lean proteins, healthy fats and fiber-containing foods. Continue reading for some easy snack ideas that may help inspire your shoppers.

* International Food Information Council. 2022 Food & Health Survey. 18 May 2022. []

Snack Inspiration
Here are some tasty combinations that are easy for your shoppers to prepare:

Need more ideas? Share these recipes with your customers:

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