Help Dads Navigate the Aisles

Help Dads Navigate the Aisles

June 29, 2016

By RDBA Contributing Editor Amanda Rubizhevsky, MPH, NC

Traditionally, most in store programs and promotions for families target moms. But more dads are joining the ranks and taking on more household responsibilities like buying groceries, according to a new study of consumer shopping conducted by Ibotta, an app that rewards shoppers with cash for their purchases. 

Ibotta’s study analyzed the shopping behavior of more than 90,000 dads since 2013. It revealed that Millennial dads are spending the most time in the grocery aisles overall, increasing their number of grocery purchases by 62 percent since 2013. Younger fathers in this age group (ages 18-24) are purchasing 25 percent more groceries than dads in older generations.

So since it seems that dads, and specifically Millennial dads, are playing an increasingly bigger role at home, and male stereotypes continue to grow less relevant, how can the retail RD support their shopping experience? Here are six ideas:

Make shopping easy for dad. Create healthy meal kits targeted at different age groups for kids, for example, households with a baby just starting solids, and another for those over two.

A dietitian’s pick for baby and kid snacks, cereals, and beverages - clearly marked with a shelf tag, or flyers for parents that include dietitian and kid approved choices. This should also include ideas in produce with both fruit and vegetables. Easy, tasty ways for kids to eat more veggies without totally concealing them.

“Dad and me” cooking classes or store tours. Make dads feel they are appreciated by including them in dietitian led programs offered at or hosted by your store.

Time-saving options with bundles for parents. Whether it’s available through online orders, home delivery, or store pickup - make sure the dietitian approved suggestions are front and center, so dads can feel they are making a positive impact on their families’ health.  

Don’t forget leftovers! Sharing recipes for an entrée as well as providing suggestions for leftovers will help families reduce waste and make more meals from one. Moms and dads will both appreciate this!

Conduct a dad’s healthy family recipe contest. Whether it’s something on the grill or a one pot meal, having dads share their recipes could encourage more dads in the kitchen and create a special community within your store.