Health & Wellness Community Conversations | Exploring the Thriving World of Plant-Based Foods

Health & Wellness Community Conversations | Exploring the Thriving World of Plant-Based Foods

This webinar was on August 2, 2023

Step into the realm of plant-forward eating, where a hot summer trend takes root. As government labeling initiatives and discussions on ultra-processed foods heat up, questions arise about their safety, healthiness, and true sustainability. Moreover, whispers of declining sales in the alt protein category have piqued curiosity about the plant-based food industry. It's time to find answers, gain perspective, and equip yourself with insights to address the inquiries of both your leadership and consumers.

Join us in an exhilarating webinar, where Stephanie Schultz, your host from RDBA's Health & Wellness Community Conversations, invites you to a captivating conversation with David Benzaquen, a globally renowned expert in the plant-based food industry. Brace yourself for a dynamic exchange of ideas as David shares his unparalleled perspective on the ever-evolving world of plant-based and alternative protein offerings. No topic is off-limits; he welcomes the toughest "hard ball" questions and advocates for inclusive dialogue and industry-wide transparency. Although he modestly reminds everyone that he is not a health expert, his knowledge of the plant-based and alt protein space runs astonishingly deep.

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About the Speakers & RDBA:

David Benzaquen, Founder & Owner of Mission: Plant, is one of the world’s leading experts in the plant-based food industry. He is a consultant and investor for plant-based and alt protein food companies. Among his experiences, he spent nearly a decade leading a corporate strategy consulting firm for plant-based consumer products, founded one of the first plant-based seafood companies, and has invested in a number of businesses in the space. David serves as an advisor with multiple food accelerators and venture capital funds and has spoken at conferences all over the world about the plant-based industry. He and his companies have been profiled in The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Wired, Inc, CNN and more.

Stephanie Schultz: Head of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives at ARC and an esteemed RD Ambassador to the RDBA. Stephanie's previous role as a retail dietitian has shaped her understanding of the industry's pulse, making her the perfect guide for this enthralling discussion.

RDBA, the esteemed professional group catering to over 1,000 retail dietitians and health professionals, proudly presents this webinar as part of its mission to nurture ongoing business education and career development. Our goal is to connect RDBA members with influential advocates and experts through Health & Wellness Community Conversations, enabling us to educate and positively impact consumer behavior and health outcomes.