Have You Seen It: Retail H&W Initiatives Worth Watch

Have You Seen It: Retail H&W Initiatives Worth Watch

November 9, 2022
Annette Maggi

By RDBA Executive Director, Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

Strategies and directions change, the first White House Summit on Hunger, Nutrition and Health in 50 years happens, and inflation drives retailers to focus on customer retention and loyalty. All these factors are driving new activations in the health and well-being space at retail. This week, we’re featuring initiatives you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Reasor’s Recipe To Table Program. Who knew that meal planning would become a trend. What’s old is new right? Reasor’s is meeting their shoppers demand for meal planning with RecipeToTable. Shoppers can enter details into the system about their food preferences and allergies. They’re then presented with shoppable recipes that align with their personal profile. Ten percent of Reasor’s online shoppers are using the system, and it’s paying off for the retailer as those using the service buy a more items, spend more per trip, and are significantly more likely to purchase items they’ve dropped into their cart than other online shoppers.

Stop & Shop BFY Pilot Project. In Boston's Grove Hall neighborhood, Keurig Dr Pepper has worked with Stop & Shop on an innovative pilot project to merchandise "better-for-you" beverages in-store. Grove Hall is a historically underserved community, so with the August re-opening of the newly renovated location, Stop & Shop unveiled a novel community and wellness concept to address high rates of nutrition-related chronic health conditions in the neighborhood. In partnership with local organizations and manufacturers, the store's design will test whether various tactics can better meet the community's needs. Their on-site dietitian, Melissa Casaletto, offers complimentary services, a newly built community wellness center provides space for free educational classes, and prominent merchandising displays feature better-for-you beverages. Large floor signs, shelf tags, endcaps, and coolers are employed in high-traffic areas to increase sales of better-you-beverages. If successful, both Stop & Shop and Keurig Dr Pepper hope to expand and scale the concept to additional regions and retailers across the country.

Whole Foods Market Trend Box. Food and nutrition trends for 2023 have already started to pop up in the news cycle, but Whole Foods takes their list to a new level with their Market Trend Box. For $37.83, including shipping and tax, shoppers can experience products aligned with their list of trends. The promotion of the box is great: Wondering what 2023 will taste like? The guessing ends now. Enjoy your first bites (and sips) of the new year, delivered right to your door. This idea could be taken to a whole new level in the retail health and wellness space. What about a box of new gluten-free products? Or a gift box of RD curated products for new parents?