Guiding Food Allergy Shoppers During Uncertain Times

Guiding Food Allergy Shoppers During Uncertain Times

May 13, 2020
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Food allergy shoppers may be experiencing additional stress during this time. As a retail dietitian, there are many ways you can stay connected with shoppers to provide support, alleviate concerns and stress.

5 Ways to Support Food Allergy Shoppers

  1. Post photos of recommended allergy-friendly products
  2. Create a new store display to help shoppers fill their baskets quickly
  3. Showcase an organized pantry with nutritious, allergy-friendly snacks
  4. Provide shoppers with digital resources such as those created by Enjoy Life Foods
  5. Partner with your e-commerce team to curate a shopping bundle of allergy-free products.

5 Ideas for Virtual Events on Facebook Live and IGTV

  1. “Dietitian’s Choice” - Provide expert guidance on shopping efficiently, showcasing the current stock of products. Position yourself in aisles, showing shoppers where to find allergy-friendly products. Share brand information, flavors currently available, price, and the manufacturers statement on the packaging for allergen information. (ex. Emily Parent, RD at Coborns)
  2. “Getting the Right Nutrients” - Conduct virtual workshops on getting the right nutrients when removing allergens from a diet. Reference this chart with ideas focused on the top 8 allergens.
  3. “Q&A Session” - Highlight virtual services you provide. For those newly diagnosed with food allergies, reference information provided by Enjoy Life Foods on navigating this new lifestyle. Give a virtual store tour; sharing new safety measures and purchasing options (curbside pickup, delivery, etc.)
  4. “Online Shopping with an RD” - If your store has a website for online shopping, conduct a demo showing how to shop for allergy-friendly products, finding nutrition facts and ingredients, building a shopping list and meal planning using your favorite apps. Click here for a list of currently popular grocery list apps.
  5. “Allergy-Friendly Cooking Demos” - Feature products in a series of seasonally inspired recipe videos. Reference a large selection of recipes for meals, snacks and desserts by Enjoy Life Foods.

Structured Snacking

Providing tips to create a structured snack schedule can help balance times of indulgence and the current rise in snacking. Below are several allergy-friendly snacks to recommend from Enjoy Life Foods:

Breakfast Ovals: 4 types of purity protocol certified gluten free oats, 20+ grams of whole grains per serving and 12% of the recommended value of fiber

Protein Bites: Vegan, chocolatey bites with plant-based protein for an ideal indulgent late-morning, mid-afternoon pick-me-up

Cocoa Loco Chewy Bars: Wholesome gluten and nut-free snack bars made from cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate chips

Soft Baked Snickerdoodle Cookies: Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, these soft, gluten free and vegan cookies will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth