Growth in the Personalized Nutrition Market

Growth in the Personalized Nutrition Market

April 13, 2022
Shari Steinbach
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By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

The global personalized nutrition market is gaining traction quickly and is expected to reach 3.56 billion by 2030. For retail companies to fully leverage this trend they must offer not only tailored products, but also detailed guidance that “connects the dots” between shoppers’ needs and store offerings. This creates a big opportunity for retail dietitians as personalized nutrition is at the core of what they have always done - providing customized wellness counsel that fits the physical, clinical and behavioral needs of their clients. By provided the right guidance, RDNs can help shoppers navigate through the plethora of products at the typical supermarket, reduce confusion and create personalized solutions that truly resonate. Consider these areas of opportunity:

Meal Planning – RDNs excel at meal planning and this skill is needed now more than ever as consumers are cooking at home for themselves or other family members with specific dietary needs. Combine meal planning assistance with helping shoppers explore new small appliances and/or smart kitchen appliances. Partner with a local appliance company to show consumers how to use these tools to create personalized meal plans. You might also offer to conduct recipe demos in the appliance store which benefit them while also driving sales to your store locations.

E-Commerce – Recent RDBA survey results showed that 56% of retail RDNs are working with their e-commerce teams to integrate health and wellness. From dietitian curated bundles of suggested food products for personalized meal patterns to shoppable recipes, these personalized solutions are adding value to the online shopping experience. As you plan out your education and promotional activities for late summer and early fall, think about how you can provide e-commerce solutions for back-to-school/college, tailgating, family meals month and more.

Fitness Apps and Food Choices – The rising trend of health monitoring apps is going to offer potential opportunities for retailers to participate in personalized nutrition solutions. With over 20% of Americans wearing fitness trackers, consider how you could help consumers and/or team members reach wellness goals combining physical activity and food choices to manage weight or chronic diseases. With current technological advancements, there are many opportunities to offer the knowledge and information which is needed to generate custom nutritional plans effectively and efficiently.

Creative, Targeted Solutions – Based on your customer base and needs, think about how you can create a roadmap to the right products and solutions that will benefit specific groups. Hy-Vee’s Bump to Babe program is a perfect example of a creative, targeted approach. Other consumer groups may include the elderly (shopping and prepping for 1-2), athletes (energy, hydration), or budget-conscious families (money saving recipes, tips). Brainstorm potential ideas with your team and present to your leadership.