Growing your Promotional E-Mail List

Growing your Promotional E-Mail List

November 4, 2015

By RDBA Executive Director Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

Retail Dietitians are continually looking for ways to expand promotion of their programs and services, ensuring current and potential shoppers are aware of the opportunities. An effective way to reach shoppers can be through opt-in email distribution lists. Through classes, store tours, individual consults, and a variety of other touch points with consumers, RDs can provide the opportunity for these individuals to opt in by providing their email address. In turn, you can use these lists to distribute an e-newsletter as well as information on other services and programs you offer.

The challenge comes in ensuring this list is maintained and continues to grow, creating an ever expanding shopper base for your retailer. The following tips can help you create a powerful email contact list for program and service promotion. 

  1. Create amazing content. If you want to ensure subscribers continue to open your emails and scroll through to learn more about your programs and services, be sure the content is remarkable and interesting.
  2. To this end, consider targeting the content. When you provide shoppers with the “opt in” option, allow them to indicate interest topics, how they like to engage with you and your store, and how often they'd like to be contacted. You can then target the content in your emails, increasing the likelihood that your subscribers will stay engaged with your emails, but also your programs and services.
  3. Collect names at presentations. Sometimes the good old-fashioned way of routing a sign-up sheet to collect names and email addresses can be the most effective.  
  4. Provide the opportunity for current email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including social sharing buttons and an "Email to a Friend" button in your marketing emails. In this way, you'll gain access to new networks, friends, and colleagues who might sign up for your list. 
  5. Promote an online contest such as a free giveaway where shoppers must sign up by using their email.
  6. Add a link to the signature line you use in your emails, which directs contacts to a landing page where they can opt in to your e-newsletter and promotional communications.
  7. Create a free online tool or resource (such as an educational tool or a grouping of recipes) and have users sign up with their email address. Promote this resource through social media venues such as Facebook or Twitter.

Marketing is a key element of the work retail RDs do to reach shoppers, and having a robust and extensive email promotion list can be an effective tool for this work.