Gluten Free Shopper

Gluten Free Shopper

November 4, 2015

As Americans continue to embrace a healthier lifestyle, gluten free continues to increase in popularity. With a 65% positive perception of the gluten-free lifestyle, more and more shoppers are becoming dedicated gluten free consumers or exploring different gluten free options.

3 Other Major Diets Incorporating Gluten Free

Paleo — The fundamental concept of this diet is to eat only foods that were available during Paleolithic times and that humans are genetically adapted to best digest and absorb. The belief is that refined and processed foods have been the downfall of human health.

Low FODMAPS — Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides (and) Polyols (FODMAPs) are short-chain, rapidly digested carbohydrates and sugar alcohols. FODMAPS tend to be poorly digested or absorbed and pull water into the digestive tract, which can lead to diarrhea. They also are fermented upon by intestinal bacteria when eaten in excess which can cause gastrointestinal distress.

Raw — Proponents of this diet contend that cooking food destroys nutrients and natural enzymes and also makes food toxic. Some theories claim that eating raw can cure headaches and allergies, boost immunity and memory and improve arthritis and diabetes.

How to Reach Gluten Free Shoppers During the Holidays

  • Make gluten free substitutions easy to find. Replacing entire recipes from scratch can be daunting, so offering things like mixes is a great way to increase seasonal sales and connect with gluten free shoppers, such as the Glutino Gluten Free Stuffing Mix 
  • Offer gluten free holiday baskets. With all the guesswork removed, gluten free consumers and/or consumers shopping for the gluten free member of their party are able to one stop shop and increase product offering awareness. With items like Udi’s Gluten Free Dinner Rolls and Glutino Original Crackers, there are plenty of seasonal options to choose from. 
  • Label gluten free products. If your seasonal items are gluten free, making it clearly visible to shoppers will help increase purchase likelihood with items gluten free consumers are not familiar with or don’t purchase on a regular basis.

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