Giant Foods Launches Nutrition Made Easy Podcast

Giant Foods Launches Nutrition Made Easy Podcast

April 3, 2019
Annette Maggi

By RDBA Executive Director Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

Earlier this year, Giant Food announced the launch of a podcast series.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Mandy Katz, MS, RD, CLC, LDN, Nutritionist and podcast host, to learn more about the program launch.

Where did the idea for the podcast series come from?
The members of our nutritionist team are all big podcast fans, but it was Emily Craft, one of our Baltimore-area nutritionists, who brought the idea of producing a nutrition-centered podcast to the team.  Since our goal is to provide free access to nutrition education to as many people in the community as possible, we were immediately on-board.  

What’s the focus of the podcasts?  
As retail dietitians we help customers with everything from diabetes management and eating on a budget to how to fill their shopping carts and ways to introduce picky eaters to new foods.  Since we hear these questions and concerns every day, we wanted to make sure our podcast addressed a wide variety of topics but in a simple and easy format. If you have questions about heart health, our podcast will tell you why you should be managing this condition, how you can shop and cook to improve your numbers and even ways to make better choices when you are eating out!  But if you are a foodie, there’s podcasts for you too! Aphrodisiacs, Soul Food, Mindfulness – food-centered fun with a healthy-ish twist.

What’s the format of the podcasts?  
We follow a basic format – what’s the most important thing you need to know about this topic?  How can we deliver this information in a simple and easy way that feels empowering? What simple actionable steps can a listener implement today?  What is their next step?  

Our entire team is involved in the podcast – from ideas, content development, and recording. Our team is so diverse with credentials in everything from sports nutrition and weight management to pediatric nutrition and breastfeeding. We also know we aren’t the experts on everything, so we bring in the experts and our team offers the nutrition perspective during the interview.  For our Valentines Day show, we brought in a sex and relationship therapist, for our Soul Food show, we brought in a chef.  And when it came to Kidney disease, we brought in a renal dietitian.  As our library grows, we hope to integrate even more members of our Giant Food family and members of the community.

This podcast is from the Giant Food Nutritionist team, but we are hoping that it can be a resource for anyone, anywhere.  Access to free, evidence-based, unbiased nutrition advice is so important in the crowded nutrition advice universe. Gordon Reid, President of Giant Food, literally told us “less Giant Branding” in hopes that more people will use the service.  We keep this in mind and recommend that listeners seek out licensed nutrition professionals near them. 

How are you promoting the podcasts?
Our podcasts are promoted like any service we have at Giant Food. Our marketing and sales teams integrate it into their plans and our nutritionist team promotes during our day to day interactions with the community as well during our media segments.  It’s also on our website under the nutrition tab.  

How are the podcasts produced?
We produce the podcasts internally – and it is a process! By nature, podcasts are supposed to be simple with minimal special effects or editing. If it sounds like we are recording at someone’s dining room table, it’s probably because we are. 

Any tips you’d give to other retail RDs thinking of starting a podcast?
It’s not as simple as having a microphone and a good idea - trying to provide an entertaining, educational, and brand building product is a tall order! But, like all great ideas, it takes time to find your voice and develop a product that you are proud of. So be patient, know that it’s a learning curve, and that at the end of the day it’s just one tool of many that retail dietitians can use to help better educate our customers. 

Please provide the 411 on your podcasts. 
The name of our podcast is “Nutrition Made Easy” and you can stream or download at by clicking on the podcast link.  You can also find us in the apple store and on Google play.