"Fuel the Future" with Michigan Beans

"Fuel the Future" with Michigan Beans

March 14, 2023
Retail Industry Insights

The theme of the 2023 National Nutrition Month® campaign is “Fuel for the Future” which encourages consumers to make healthful, sustainable choices to nourish themselves during every phase of life while protecting the environment. Inspiring consumers to eat more beans is advice that will align perfectly with your Nutrition Month communication plans as beans are an affordable, nourishing, plant-based food with an amazing sustainability story. Here are three tips to share with your shoppers this month, along with resources to help turn these tips into action:

Eat with the environment in mind.
Encouraging your shoppers and clients to consume more beans is a simple, affordable way to encourage a diet that is more nutritionally and agriculturally sustainable. Beans have a remarkable ability to enrich the soil they are planted in, and they also benefit biodiversity. And of course, beans are a convenient, healthy, plant-based protein. Download the Michigan Beans Dietitian Toolkit for resources to help shoppers understand why beans are healthy for both people and the planet along with tips for enjoying more plant-based meals and snacks.

Stay nourished and save money. 
Michigan Beans are versatile and affordable for all types of dietary plans. Help shoppers build a plant-forward shopping cart and learn how to quickly prepare low-cost dried beans in an Instant Pot with resources from the Cooking with Michigan Beansbook. You can also share this blog to help shoppers “Use Their Bean” to Eat Healthier & Save Money.

Make tasty foods at home.
Beans add texture and nutrition to meals, and their neutral taste can be included in many dishes. Just enhance flavors with different seasonings, herbs, and spices. Think about a tasty bean chili, spicy tacos, sweet baked beans, or a savory bean soup. Help consumers include “bean benefits” in easy meal plans by sharing preparation skills and delicious recipes from the Cooking with Michigan Beans book. This guide also offers the following resources that can be shared in a blog post, video, or media segment:

  • Consume the Benefits Michigan Beans - 30 Ways in 30 Days
  • Batch Cooking with Michigan Beans – Cook Once, Eat Thrice

Discover more ways that Michigan Beans can help provide “Fuel for the Future” by visiting michiganbean.com for recipe inspiration, cooking tips, health professional webinars, and more.