Food for Thought: Starting a Radio Show

Food for Thought: Starting a Radio Show

April 10, 2019

I have been the Corporate Dietitian at Redner’s Markets for ten years. During that time, my job has evolved greatly to now include purchasing, operations and marketing. With that being said, I still spend a portion of my time educating customers and doing media presentations. Our executive chef, Chef Tim, was hired last April. He is well known in our local community and was brought on to our team to develop chef inspired prepared foods to go. Our connection was an immediate hit! We started doing community talks, cooking demonstrations and Facebook videos together. Within a few months, the radio station WEEU approached us and asked if we would like to do a monthly radio show. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity and started our show the following week. The first time I heard our opening jingle, it was almost surreal.

Redner’s Food for Thought, is an hour long unscripted call-in radio show that covers all things food related. Since we represent both sides of the kitchen, Chef vs. Dietitian, our suggestions balance out well. Our topics have ranged from eating for the New Year to American Heart Month.  This month we will be talking about kitchen disasters. 

Not only do we receive great publicity from the hour-long program, we have been given multiple radio commercials and newspaper ads as part of our commitment to the show. This is a huge benefit to our company because the listening area covers a large percentage of our market. Since the show is so new, we don’t have metrics to report, but we have received many positive comments from our customers and co-workers.

For anyone thinking of starting a radio show, I suggest DO IT! It’s not as scary as it sounds. I have been used to television, print, and appeared as a guest on radio; but the thought of a whole hour seemed overwhelming. To take the stress off yourself, involve others either through a co-host or guests. The key is to have a few topics in mind, relax and have fun.