FMI Webinar Series Explores the Future of Retail

FMI Webinar Series Explores the Future of Retail

May 15, 2013
Retail Industry Insights

Allison Beadle, MS, RD, LD
Editor, RDBA Weekly

Ready to get smart on retail?  You may not be a store director, VP of marketing, or category manager, but you better believe that the trends affecting their piece of the retail business are also affecting yours as a retail dietitian.  One of the most effective (and critical) strategies for dietitians to enhance their impact and effectiveness within retail is to gain a deep understanding of the trends and forces shaping the industry—think beyond health and wellness.

Where to start?

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is today launching an eight-session webinar series based on their recently-released report “Food Retailing 2013: Tomorrow’s Trends Delivered Today.”  These educational webinars are free of charge and will cover topics such as food retailing trends, local food movements, social media, merchandising, in-store technology, and shopping behavior—essentially, the cornerstone changes shaping the future of retail.

According to FMI, these webinars will offer a platform to hear and react to how these market-driven trends will create a dynamic consumer shopping environment and impact retail and manufacturer competitive strategies. FMI’s strategic retail analytics and consumer research partners, Booz and Company, Catalina, CROSSMARK, and Nielsen, will be featured during the webinar as well. 

Participating in these webinars will provide you, as a retail dietitian, with a global perspective of what’s happening in retail.  And armed with this knowledge, you will be able to better understand the dynamics affecting the industry and adapt your initiatives and programs to the changing retail environment.  This will help ensure that your efforts are relevant and effective.  In addition, a global understanding of what’s happening in retail will help you expand your influence, reaching beyond health and wellness to create collaborative opportunities with other departments and retail colleagues. 

To register for these free webinars, visit the links below.  Space is limited, so register soon!