FMI Foundation’s Gold Plate Awards Celebrate RDs in Food Retail

FMI Foundation’s Gold Plate Awards Celebrate RDs in Food Retail

March 19, 2014

National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to recognize the positive impact of RDs on food retail.  According to Cathy Polley, Executive Director of the Food Marketing Institute Foundation, “Bringing nutrition expertise to food retail has been a pivotal turning point in health and wellness, which is a primary goal of the Foundation.” 

One example is FMI’s family meals initiative, Let’s Put Our Plates Together ” which supports retailers in providing mealtime solutions that work for today’s families. Helping customers have meals together strengthens families and promotes healthier food choices.

The Foundation is celebrating retailer meal-focused promotions or programs with its second annual Gold Plate Awards at FMI Connect in June.  Gold Plate Awards recognize the efforts FMI members are making to help simplify mealtime for their customers.  Several awards will be given in different categories; any meal-focused promotion or program can be entered.

As an example, Hannaford’s 2013 Gold Plate winning program, Veggie of the Month, wasn’t created specifically for the award entry and wasn’t directly about families eating together, but it helped kids learn to like more vegetables, which helped smooth over a common argument at the dinner table.

Julie Green, Director, Healthy Living at Hannaford observed, “Recognition by the FMI Foundation was validating for my team.  It helped show our company a positive return the investment they had made in adding dietitians.”

The deadline to submit an entry for a Gold Plate Award is April 30. Contest details, idea starters and interviews with last year’s winners can be found at

Families who eat together more often make better food choices, a critical component in the health and wellness of our nation. The FMI Foundation’s Gold Plate Awards were created to recognize the great value RDs are bringing to customers and their families every day.