Empower Your Shoppers to Make Informed Food Choices – Tips to Communicate the Role of Processed Foods in Healthy Eating Patterns

Empower Your Shoppers to Make Informed Food Choices – Tips to Communicate the Role of Processed Foods in Healthy Eating Patterns

June 29, 2022

Food processing has played an instrumental role in supporting a safe and nutritious food supply – and these foods help people build easy, delicious, nutrient-dense meals. Yet, consumers continue to be confused about these benefits. Retail dietitians are uniquely positioned to provide their shoppers with evidence-based information on processed foods and build consumers’ confidence in selecting the foods that fit their lifestyle and nutrition goals. Consider the following tips and potato-inspired tools when engaging with your shoppers about processed foods:

  • Tip #1: Demystify the Process. Consumers may not understand the science and technology behind food processing. Help alleviate shopper confusion by breaking down common processing techniques that ensure foods are safe, convenient and nourishing.

Tools for RDs: Check out these videos on frozen and dehydrated potato processing and share them with your shoppers to demystify the process.

  • Tip #2: Make it relatable. Nearly 90% of Americans do not meet recommended vegetable intake. Consumers may be surprised to learn that processed foods can provide many sought-after benefits in their everyday lives, including nutrition, convenience, food safety, versatility and affordability – all of which can increase consumption of vegetables.

Tools for RDs: Provide shoppers with relatable solutions by sharing recipes, like this Potato Crusted Halibut, that include processed vegetables. Vegetables in all forms can help people build healthy meals and increase intakes of nutrient shortfalls (e.g., potassium).

  • Tip #3: Make it relevant. More people are interested in cooking at home, so shoppers are sure to have questions related to meal preparation. Help consumers understand that home-cooked meals can still be easy, delicious and nutrient-dense.

Tools for RDs: Showcase how shoppers can include processed foods at home by conducting in-store or virtual demos using fresh, frozen and dehydrated varieties. During the demo, share the history and definition of processed foods and the benefits they can bring to shoppers’ plates. Check out the Hash Brown Frittata and Yucatan Chicken & Potato Soup demos that speak to the time-saving solutions, nutritious benefits and flavor-packed goodness provided by these foods.

Find additional resources and activations to empower shoppers in the new EduTrac® module A Fresh Take on Food Processing: The Role of Processing in Supporting Safe, Healthy and Equitable Eating Patterns (available for 1.75 CEU).