Don’t Let Clean Eating Scare You. It’s Simple.

Don’t Let Clean Eating Scare You. It’s Simple.

May 18, 2016

Today’s consumer is more conscious than ever about the food they eat, and many are looking for better food options that are made from simple ingredients and also taste delicious. At the same time, consumers are also hungry for snack options. The percentage of energy derived from snacks in the American diet has doubled since the late 1970s (Food Navigator), so the need has never been greater to make the calories from snacks count with clean options. 

Diane Welland, MS, RD, notes that "‘Clean Eating’ dates back to the natural health food movement of the 1960s. Recently, however, it made the jump into mainstream America, rejuvenating and inspiring a new generation of healthy eaters.” While there is still debate about how to define “clean,” the common thread seems to be simplicity.

According to the Innova Market Insights Top Food & Beverage Trends for 2016, consumers are focusing on simpler products with fewer artificial additives, while 41% of Americans defined healthy or clean eating as limited or no artificial preservatives or ingredients. Yet clean ingredients are not enough to entice consumers alone. Taste and price along with healthfulness continue to be the biggest drivers of food purchasing decisions for three fourths of the [American] population.

Brands like Simply 7 Snacks are delivering preciously what consumers are looking for— a simple snacking product made with recognizable ingredients that focuses on taste and is priced affordably. At the heart of all Simply7 products are the brand’s 7 core standards, which include Zero Trans-Fat, No Artificial Colors or Flavors,

No Preservatives, Gluten Free, Clean Ingredients, Simple Ingredients and Simply Delicious. Additionally, Simply7 products retail for MSRP of $2.99-$3.49.  

How can retail dietitians support the need for more clean snacking options? While many consumers are already making small changes to achieve an overall healthier diet, they still rely on their instore dietitian to help educate them about better snacking choices. With snacks comprising such a large portion of the American diet, it is more important than ever that consumers know about the better for you options available like Simply7.   

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