Don’t Forget! Resource for Your Shoppers: The Food Allergy Buddy Card

Don’t Forget! Resource for Your Shoppers: The Food Allergy Buddy Card

December 17, 2014

Over 300,000 shoppers have printed their free Food Allergy Buddy® (FAB) cards right here, and now for RDBA, we have developed a more detailed and advanced FAB card for you to give to your shoppers to use when they dine in restaurants.

RDBA recognizes that your shoppers with food allergies also need a little extra guidance when you are not around to help guide them; and that's where the FREE Food Allergy Buddy® card, offered exclusively by SupermarketGuru, comes to the rescue. The personalized FAB cards can be printed on any home printer as many times as needed!  Now you can help ensure that your shoppers and their families feel comfortable that they are eating allergy free, in restaurants, at friend’s homes, in schools - everywhere!

As you know, more than 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies and even more from food sensitivities. Shoppers always say that one of the most awkward and embarrassing aspects of having a food allergy is going to a restaurant and communicating which ingredients are problematic. Then the food comes out - and it's wrong! Not only is this unsettling, and dangerous, but you have to wait and watch all those around you enjoy their meal, while you hope yours will come out allergy free the second time.

Check out the Food Allergy Buddy card today and please make it available to your shoppers.