Do You Have Your Seat at the Family Meals Table?

Do You Have Your Seat at the Family Meals Table?

July 31, 2019
Retail Industry Insights

By Susan Borra, RD, Chief Health and Wellness Officer and Executive Director, FMI Foundation

National Family Meals Month™ was created by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Foundation to effect change in the number of meals that families enjoy together at home each week.  It began with a platform designed for food retailers and suppliers to support consumers in making family meals a reality and, in turn, help them reap the physical, social, and psychological benefits of doing so.  

What began as a campaign to shine a light on the importance of family meals during September in 2015 has grown exponentially over a period of four years to a verified societal movement with approximately 230 partners – food retailers, suppliers, collaborators, media and celebrities – participating.

In short, everybody is joining the Family Meals Movement – are you?  One of the best ways to join the movement is to start with National Family Meals Month this September.  

It’s hard to describe the breadth and depth of programming and activations these partners have created.  For an exciting glimpse, click on this short video.

There is no doubt that National Family Meals Month and the family meals movement are having an impact.  According to Nielsen data, 28% of the adult population saw the campaign in 2018.

Most importantly, Nielsen data also demonstrates that mealtime behaviors are changing!  Nine out of 10 consumers said they took action after seeing the campaign in September 2018.  Top consumer behavior changes reported include:

  • Cooking more meals at home (43%); 
  • Making healthier food choices (37%);
  • Eating together as a family more often (33%); 
  • Purchasing more fruits and vegetables (32%). 

Is your store benefitting from these changes?  If not, you may want to up your game as a partner to consumers in family meals this September.

The Food Marketing Institute Foundation is doing its part to continue to bring more suppliers and community partners into the movement.  It also is investing in significant amounts of consumer publicity to educate folks on “WHY” family meals are so important.  

The prospect to show consumers HOW your store can help them achieve extra family meals is yours.  This is a tremendous opportunity to be solution providers to your customers.  Raise your mitt to commit.  Join the Family Meals Movement now!