Creating Engaging Social Imagery

Creating Engaging Social Imagery

March 20, 2019
Shari Steinbach

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

If you’re looking for a proven method of increasing reach, engagement and sales via social media you need to use creative imagery. According to MDGadvertising, articles with relevant images have 94% more total average views, however, creating videos or searching for inspiring images can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are several content creation tools now available to help you create eye-catching imagery for effective social marketing posts that drive store traffic to your wellness services and product solutions. 

  • Animoto ( – Video is an effective tool for driving brand awareness, program engagement, store traffic, and sales. Animoto makes it quick and easy to create professional videos with your photos and video clips. Choose from the Slideshow Video Builder or the Marketing Video Builder which offers storyboards to help you communicate your retailer’s important wellness offerings.
  • Canva ( – If you ever struggle to find images, illustrations and icons to help you communicate, Canva can help you design just about anything for free. It has a user-friendly drag and drop tool and over 400 million designs. For example, Canva can help you create beautiful social media graphics to promote your retail website and blog posts in a way that is sure draw more attention and boost social sharing.
  • Easelly ( – Easelly turns your boring text into eye-catching infographics to help you get more social shares and engagement. Templates include ways to visually show timelines, processes and comparisons. How about using an infographic to tell the farm to table story for local produce at your store?
  • Filpagram ( - Flipagram is a sharing app that has one sole purpose, to help you make short movies out of your images. A possible use may be to create a short video of images from a successful community or in-store educational event. Another idea would be to use the images to highlight recipes with your private brands. Flipagram can be linked directly to your Instagram account.
  • Fotor ( – Bad image? No problem. Fotor is a photo editing platform that can be used online or downloaded as a free mobile and computer app and can be used to adjust and alter images. You can also add text to images to communicate a call to action or nutrition message.  
  • Infogram ( – Infogram offers more help creating engaging infographics and charts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A great way to put nutrition or trend data into an appealing, understandable graphic.
  • Piktochart ( – Create designs and infographics with this easy-to-use platform. Piktochart can help you quickly create social media visuals to announce a consumer contest, an instore demo, or seasonal promotion. Designs can also be used to create presentations, flyers and reports if needed.