Consumer Insights on Family Meals Provide Rationale for Ongoing Retail Promotions

Consumer Insights on Family Meals Provide Rationale for Ongoing Retail Promotions

October 12, 2022

Based on its resounding success, September’s National Family Meals MonthTM has grown into a year-long movement. New data from a recent Harris Poll indicates that the campaign continues to resonate with consumers, providing objective validation for ongoing retailer participation throughout the year.

The Family Meals campaign encourages families to Stay Strong with Family Meals! Today, one-third of all adults surveyed report hearing about National Family Meals MonthTM. Among those who are familiar with the campaign, a whopping 91% report that National Family Meals MonthTM has impacted their shopping or consumption habits. Nearly half (46%) of these adults report making healthier food choices, and more than one-third (39%) report eating together as a family more often.

Almost everyone (91%) say family meals at home are more economical than dining out. They plan to continue having family meals because the wholesome routine provides mental health benefits (83%), physical health benefits (82%) and because they help their families stay connected (83%). These benefits and others, such as the link between family meals and increased fruit and vegetable consumption, are substantiated by research.

Retailers across the country are leveraging FMI’s National Family Meals Movement to help bring families together around the table to nourish the mind and body and to boost connectedness. Stronger families mean stronger communities, and stronger communities bolster our nation’s overall wellness. Supermarket Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are encouraged to work with their retailers to bring the National Family Meals MovementTM into your store throughout the year.  Turnkey  tools and resources are available to help support your participation.