Connecting For the Future: RDBA’s Career Center Links RDs and Retailers

Connecting For the Future: RDBA’s Career Center Links RDs and Retailers

March 5, 2014

Retailer momentum to hire registered dietitians is not showing any signs of slowing.  And the same goes for registered dietitian interest in retail careers — it’s at an all-time high.  But just how do you find the perfect fit?

RDBA recognized the need to connect the dots between retailers and registered dietitians, especially when it comes to the hiring process.  Retail dietitian positions require a very unique set of skills and personality traits that go far beyond nutrition expertise, and retailers often find themselves coming up short on the quest for the perfect mix. 

RDBA’s Career Center is a self-driven platform connecting retailers looking for registered dietitians with dietitians looking for retail positions.  Access to the Career Center requires a free RDBA membership (it’s simple, click here).  Once you have joined RDBA, you can submit a “retail dietitian wanted” or “job wanted” posting. 

Right now, RDBA’s Career Center has a number of postings from registered dietitians seeking retail employment as well as retail job openings for registered dietitians—connections waiting to happen!

If you’re a registered dietitian interested in carving out a career in retail, becoming a member of RDBA and subscribing to RDBA Weekly is an excellent way to begin preparing yourself for this exciting industry.  RDBA’s executive director, Annette Maggi, offered several tips in her article “Four Keys to Breaking Into Retail.”

And if you’re a retailer interested in hiring a registered dietitian but you don’t know where to start, RDBA membership and a subscription to RDBA Weekly is for you, too! Consider reading some of RDBA’s “Retail Dietitian Close Up” columns, which profile the careers of retail dietitians across the U.S.  And in the coming weeks, we’ll also be sharing information on a new toolkit we’ve developed in conjunction with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) to help retailers hire and leverage registered dietitians. 

Advancing the retail career opportunities for registered dietitians is key to RDBA’s mission. Let our Career Center help you make the connections you need to make!