Communication Best Practices in the Time of COVID

This webinar was on November 10, 2020

As if there wasn’t enough going on in 2020, new Dietary Guidelines for Americans are expected later this year. From the Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, we know that nutrition during pregnancy, complementary feeding, and emphasizing healthy dietary patterns make up some of the key takeaways. However, reaching your shoppers with these recommendations during a pandemic will require some innovative ideas and possibly new channels of communication. This webinar will highlight communication best practices and ways to reach shoppers to help you prepare your key messages for the final report and encourage healthful dietary patterns during all life stages.


Liz Weiss, MS, RDN: Winner of the 2015 Media Excellence Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Liz is a nationally recognized registered dietitian and nutrition communications pro. She is the mom of two grown boys and the voice behind the Liz’s Healthy Table podcast and blog where families can find easy, nourishing and accessible recipes that make mealtime doable and delicious for everyone. Liz is a former producer and correspondent for CNN where she produced and reported for the network’s On the Menu program and produced and hosted over 50 Meal Makeovers cooking videos for their Accent Health doctor’s office channel. Currently, Liz is a regular guest on Boston’s hit NBC show, the Hub Today and a partner with the American Institute for Cancer Research where she creates recipes and videos. Prior to founding the Liz’s Healthy Table platform, Liz ran the successful food blog and podcast, Meal Makeover Moms. Liz is a spokesperson, speaker, and cooking instructor and has written several cookbooks including the Color, Cook, Eat! coloring cookbook series, No Whine with Dinner and The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers. She lives and works in the Boston area.

Meredith L. McGrath RD, LDN, Nutrition Marketing and Communications, Redner’s Markets: Meredith is currently the Nutrition Marketing and Communications Specialist at Redner's Markets, a 44 store grocery retailer based in Pennsylvania. There she coordinates the HealthCents program; a vendor funded health and wellness initiative that supports healthy eating among customers and employees. This multifaceted program combines print, in-store merchandising, media and community appearances; all tying in to a health and wellness message. To enhance this messaging, Meredith creates content and publishes digital marketing assets which include food photography, custom videos and a monthly radio show.

In addition to HealthCents, in 2013 Meredith has developed, launched and currently leads TasteStation, an in-house product sampling program. This program was developed to increase sales and provide an added value to the customers' shopping experience. Within the first 3 months of operation, TasteStation became a profit center for the company and has become a weekly hot spot for customers.

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