Can you afford NOT to attend RDBA’s Comp Shop?

Can you afford NOT to attend RDBA’s Comp Shop?

July 26, 2022

No two retailers address their shoppers’ health and well-being needs in the same way, and RDBA’s Regional Healthy Living Comp Shop is your chance to see, live and in person, examples of how other retailers are successfully leveraging health and wellness as a business driver. From Hy-Vee’s store-within-a-store concept to Coborn’s engagement of the C-store shopper to Fresh Thyme’s work to break through consumer knowledge gaps on supplements, this event is designed to give you amazing insight, ideas, and inspiration to take back to your retailer and maximize the health and well-being opportunity.

Event Details:

  • Dates are September 12-14. Plan to arrive Monday by 3 pm; departures after 2 on Wednesday.
  • Retail RDs responsible for travel, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses. RDBA will provide daytime transportation. Two sponsored dinners, with General Mills and, are included as part of the event.
  • Event is hosted by RDBA CEO Phil Lempert and Executive Director Annette Maggi.
  • Event includes tours of Revol Greens and Bushel Boy’s greenhouse growing operations.
  • Click here for a tentative agenda, list of retailers to be visited, and more event information. 

To secure a spot in this business-focused event, email annette@retaildietitians.comJust 4 spots remain. Grab your spot now!

I found comp shopping extremely beneficial from a health and wellness standpoint but also as a good frame of reference related to in-store signage, marketing, store layout, and more.” Allison Primo, MS, RD, LD, Health & Wellness Strategy Manager, Schnuck Markets after visiting stores in California in March

"It is critical for grocery retailers to look beyond their own stores and visit supermarkets throughout the country to see what others are doing - both good and bad. The magic happens when a group of like minded individuals - as is the case with retail dietitians - visit stores together, exchange ideas and observations and have the opportunity to build on each other." - Phil Lempert, CEO, Retail Dietitians Business Alliance