Blender Bike Promotions Prove Successful

Blender Bike Promotions Prove Successful

July 19, 2017

Earlier this year, two winners of the Stemilt Rock the Blender Bike Contest were announced. Today, we’re sharing an inside look at the promotions lead by the winning dietitians, showcasing their skill in developing and executing impactful programs – for their shoppers, their company, and the vendor partner.

Amy Clark, RD, LD, at the Lincoln Center Hy-Vee held a week-long event in April titled Fuel Your Body with Health at Hy-Vee & Rock the Blender Bike. The program included a Smoothie Recipe Contest among the employees at her store, where each of five teams developed their own smoothie recipe using Stemilt Fresh BlendersTM.  The recipes were judged on presentation, originality, taste, color and health benefit.  In addition, each team recruited an employee to ride the bike to blend the smoothie. 

For customers, Amy held a three-day event, where shoppers who made a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation could hop on the bike and blend smoothies.  Messaging highlighted the importance of fruits and vegetables as well as the recommended amount of physical activity for good health.  With a large display of the Stemilt Fresh BlendersTM as the backdrop, more than 65 shoppers took their turn cycling on the blender bike.  “We had many more customers stop by to learn what the event was about, and, to try a smoothie sample that included the Stemilt Fresh BelndersTM,” says Amy.  “Customers truly appreciated the fun approach to the education.”

Hy-Vee has been a long-time sponsor and donor to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), so it’s no surprise the Quad Cities market decided to utilize the blender bike to help support fundraising for the local JDRF chapter. Nina Struss, RD, LDN, at the Milan Hy-Vee championed the event, but included nine other Hy-Vee stores in the promotion.  Each store in the Quad Cities (10 total) held their own Bike ‘N Blend event where customers were encouraged to blend their own green smoothie (utilizing the Stemilt Fresh BlendersTM Apples) for a cost of $3.

To promote the events, the Quad City Hy-Vee RD team booked a segment on Paula Sands Live, a local television show, and a local newspaper covered the launch of the in-store events.  Facebook pages for each individual blender bike event were created.

Following the events, Nina commented “Our shoppers loved the blender bike! Some shoppers were hesitant to ride the bike, however many jumped right on to make their own smoothie!”  In her mind, the event was a success for a variety of reasons.  “Repeated in-store food demonstrations can often lose customer’s interest. However, this promotion seemed to captivate everyone that walked through our doors and we all agreed we need more promotions that create excitement over health and wellness like the blender bike accomplished.”

Both Nina and Amy’s work show how partnering with food suppliers can bring ingenuity and excitement to in-store education and health promotion.