Beefing Up Nutrition & Sales

Beefing Up Nutrition & Sales

July 14, 2021
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If you asked the typical family about their favorite meals, chances are they will include pasta, tacos, pizza, sandwiches and beef burgers on the list. In fact, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff recently looked at consumer research that reinforces how much Americans truly love a delicious beef burger, especially fresh off the grill. From where you sit, as a registered dietitian in retail, this presents an opportunity.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recently pointed out in their Scientific Advisory Report, because of their popularity, burgers and sandwiches are a significant source of calories, sodium, refined grains and solid fats in typical American diets1. Yet, there is tremendous nutrition potential in a classic beef burger, as well as with other popular meals like pasta and tacos.  The report recognized this opportunity as well noting “.... burgers and sandwiches could become a major way to increase the consumption of many food components and nutrients that are currently under consumed, such as whole grains (fiber), and vegetables.” Retail RDNs are in a perfect position to make this happen. Now’s the time to consider ways that you can get consumers to enjoy more of the foods they love, with even more flavor and nutrition than they usually do.

  • Promote produce pairings – Offer quick assembly menu plans that include popular meals paired with produce – spaghetti and meat sauce with a prepared green salad, ground beef tacos with a side of corn and beans, or a juicy beef burger with a side of roasted potatoes and melon slices. Align with your store’s “buy local” produce program for seasonal pairing ideas.
  • Suggest nourishing nudges – Communicate the positive nutrient messages about popular meals and suggest healthier versions to “nudge” consumers to take small positive steps. A beef burger, for example, provides 10 essential nutrients, including iron, zinc, B-vitamins and high-quality protein, and makes a great nutritional foundation for a produce-packed, hand-held favorite. Provide this positive message while also highlighting your store’s lower fat ground beef choices and a variety of whole grain buns for serving.
  • Offer ways to build it better – Provide simple tips for building up the nutritional value of popular meals by including more fruits and vegetables. Ground beef tacos with colorful peppers, onions and corn; sandwiches with spinach, crunchy cucumbers, and avocado; or beef burgers with crunchy carrot slaw, pineapple or tomatoes.
  • Here are tips you can share on beefing up flavor and nutrition.

Americans love their favorite foods, including real, authentic beef burgers. Providing solutions on ways to use these foods as vehicles for increasing important nutrient consumption is a win-win for your stores and your shoppers.


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