Be a Fearless Problem Solver

Be a Fearless Problem Solver

May 17, 2023
Shari Steinbach
Business Skills

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

Our work and personal life seem to be full of problems, some big and some small, that need solving. But facing problems and learning how to solve them is necessary to grow and expand as a person and a professional. Problem solving is an important ability for retail dietitians to master, and it is a necessary skill for career development. Here are five characteristics that can help you become a fearless problem solver.

  1. Optimistic – Courageous problem solvers believe they can find a solution for every challenge they face and search for it with enthusiasm and optimism. They acknowledge that problem-solving isn’t always easy, but by remaining positive, can transform ideas, even those that seem outside the box, into realistic solutions. When faced with a problem, do you look for new creative and productive ways to address the issue? Great solutions often arise from remaining optimistic and looking for routes that may seem a bit outrageous.
  2. Unafraid – Being afraid will freeze you from solving problems. Fearless problem solvers are undaunted by problems, and they don’t see failure as an option. They remain confident in their ability to find the best solution. Consider how so many retail dietitians found solutions to delivering needed educational content to consumers during the pandemic. From virtual classes to ecommerce, new and successful ways of getting business done were created. This requires an undaunted approach to problem solving.
  3. Focused – A good problem solver stays focused which can be difficult if you’re managing multiple projects simultaneously. Multitasking may help you get work done fast, but the ability to focus is important for solving problems. If faced with more than one problem at a time, try to focus on solving each one separately. Staying focused also means addressing issues when they arise instead of waiting.
  4. Objective – It is difficult to detach emotions when faced with a problem but being emotional is typically not helpful when seeking solutions. A good problem solver knows how to remain objective and put their feelings aside while looking at the issue, what caused it and who may be involved. The answer is not found by going by how you “feel.” A good problem solver understands that a good solution to an issue requires objectivity.
  5. Team Player – A fearless problem solver involves others in the problem-solving process. They understand that in order to come up with the best solution, they may need to seek input and expertise from other team members. A good problem solver is not threatened by the knowledge that others possess, instead they are open to learning from others and the goal of solving the problem.

Finally, to make yourself really standout as a fearless problem solver, take the initiative to solve problems rather than pass them on to others. Your problem-solving confidence will rise, and you will be seen as a true leader.