Are your Goals Results-oriented?

Are your Goals Results-oriented?

November 4, 2020
Annette Maggi
Business Skills

By RDBA Executive Director, Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

It’s that season when many retailers are revisiting and reprioritizing goals for the new year, making it essential for retail RDs to do the same to ensure their programs and services align with the overall direction of the company. A key consideration in writing or refreshing your 2021 goals is to ensure they are results oriented.

It’s essential to differentiate result-oriented from action-oriented goals. The later are goals focused on doing stuff. But, in reality, you and your retailer are looking for results that make a difference, whether it’s increased sales, enhanced customer loyalty, or new revenue streams brought into the company. Result-oriented goals focus on the impact.

Result-oriented goals focus on the outcome vs. the process it takes to get there. Consider these two goal examples:

  1. On a monthly basis, promote BFY foods through in-store “RD Approved” signage, social media posts, and inclusion in recipes during virtual food demo.
  2. Increase sales of RD promoted BFY foods by a 25% average through promotion in RD programs and services.

The first goal focus on the what, while the second goal is focused on the outcome. The latter is the type of goal you want to establish as it addresses an improvement compared with now and a change for the better. Consider these attributes of result-oriented goals:

  • They describe an impact or outcome.
  • Individual actions may impact the goal and some actions may have more impact on a goal than others. These actions are important to achieving the goal and you want to understand those the most dramatically and positively impact your action goal.
  • They don’t include a series of steps; these are tactics that help you achieve the goal.
  • If achieved, it’s clear that a positive change or improvement has been made.
  • They are measurable.

Some examples of result-oriented goals with the retail RD scope of work include:

  • Grow market share by X percent or bring X number of new customers to our stores through RD programs and services.
  • A minimum of 85% maximum participation in all RD programs and services.
  • Increase social media followers by X percent.
  • Increase number of BFY items in shopper e-commerce carts by X percent through “RD approved” banner ads, BFY bundled promotions, and basket fills during individual consults.

Establishing result-oriented goals clearly identifies metrics to be tracked, showcases your business knowledge to retail leaders, and allows flexibility in shifting tactics to those working most effectively to help you accomplish your goals.