Agriculture Realities: Can 100% Florida Orange Juice Survive?

This webinar was on September 19, 2019

For the past 10 years, an  uncontrollable bacteria has been attacking the Florida citrus industry. Citrus greening is a bacteria that has cut Florida orange production by over 50% and threatens the supply of 100% Florida Orange Juice. Join this webinar to understand the impact of citrus greening on the retail business on a category with high household penetration and nutritional value as well as research underway to combat this bacteria and revitalize the citrus industry.

Presesenter:  Tim Eyrich, Vice President of Research at Southern Garden Citrus. Tim Eyrich has been involved in production agriculture for over 38 years, with a majority of this time involved at the grower level in one capacity or the other. During his career he has had the pleasure of working across a number crops and in multiple countries. Tim took his systematic approach to crop production into the Research and Product Development sector and with strong teamwork developed and commercialized unique and novel crop growth enhancing products. Tim is currently VP of Research and Commercialization with Southern Garden Citrus, where their team is working on solutions to the citrus greening diseases. Their work is focused on new innovation focused specifically on HLB as well as sustaining and rebuilding SGC’s grooves. Tim has a BS in Agronomy for the University of Arizona.

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