Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Launches Culinary Certificate of Training

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Launches Culinary Certificate of Training

August 3, 2016
Retail Industry Insights

Today, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is launching Culinary Nutrition: The Cornerstone of Healthy Eating.  Planned in partnership with the Food & Culinary Professionals Practice Group, this certificate of training includes four modules, all designed to help RDNs improve their culinary skills. Completing this certificate program can be an effective way for retail RDNs to advance their culinary skills, inspiring shoppers to cook healthy meals more frequently at home. 

The four modules of the program include:

  1. Food as a Key Component of Nutrition. Through this module, dietitians will gain insight on current and future food trends and their impact on the profession, understand correct measuring, weighing, and knife skills, and be able to develop the ideal list of home kitchen equipment for preparation of healthy meals.  
  2. Food Safety and Ingredient Selection. This module helps prepare RDNs to complete advanced certification in food safety, and provides key information on the six food safety practices that are essential for home use.  Insight is provided on choosing ingredients based on seasonality, nutrition and intended use. RDNs will be positioned to develop storage guidelines for shoppers and consumers to maximize the quality and safety of food and beverages.  
  3. Beyond “Cooking”: Food Preparation Techniques. The goal of this segment is to examine all the various hot and cold methods of food preparation, going well beyond the basics. This leads into discussions on correct use of ingredients and equipment, and the planning of healthy meals.
  4. Planning for Healthy Meals & Snacks. Age, health, culture, special dietary needs, and budget must all be taken into account when planning meals and snacks. This module addresses all these topics as well as providing tips on planning flavorful and visually appealing meals. 

All modules are level two and each provides two continuing education credits. The cost for Academy members is $24 per module.  For more information on this culinary certificate of training, visit