6 Tips for Filming Great Live Stream Videos

6 Tips for Filming Great Live Stream Videos

February 28, 2018
Annette Maggi

It’s today’s reality – consumers, including your shoppers, are addicted to video content.  If you’re not creating Facebook Live segments or live stream videos, you’re missing out on opportunities to engage your shoppers.  We checked in with SupermarketGuru’s Executive Producer Tony Kucenski to gain insights on creating great live stream videos..  For purposes of this article, Tony focused on creating budget livestream video content for your store or brand. 

These 6 tips from Tony will assist in planning and creating quality live streamed video.  

1. Practice make perfect.  Have a plan and know what you’re going to say.  Approximately 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched every day, so it’s important that you look and sound like you know what you’re doing so people will stick around. Practice what you’re going to say, but also practice with the gear you plan on using in the location you’re going to present.  

2. Keep the image steady.  Unless you’re filming a movie like Saving Private Ryan or Bourne Ultimatum, keep the camera movement to a minimum.  It’s hard to focus when the camera keeps moving. You can buy a tripod with an iPhone camera holder, which will help you frame your shot before you start live streaming.  

3. Composition.  Have you watched a video where somebody is talking and the top of their head is slightly out of frame?  Or there’s something in the background you can’t stop looking at, instead of the person on screen?  These are distracting and take away from your message.  Check your background and make sure there’s nothing in the frame you don’t want your viewers to see.  On the flip side, don’t be afraid to add props, images or topic related items that can help sell your message. 

4. Lighting. Small LED lights can be purchased for a reasonable amount, but if you don’t have lights, be aware of the practical lights around you.  Don’t stand in front of a bright window as nobody will see you (unless you’re going for a cool silhouette effect).  Turn your face towards that window and adjust the blinds to reduce the amount of light on your face.  You can also use a lamp strategically positioned to highlight your face.  If you only have overhead lighting, don’t stand directly underneath, but slightly behind so it limits the amount of shadowing on your face.

5. Audio. If nobody can HEAR what you’re saying, nobody is going to WATCH your video.  Film in a quiet environment where the camera is positioned close to you to eliminate echo.  If you’re in a room where the audio is hard to control, use the white earbuds that came with your phone.  Be aware that the cable may move around, and be sure to have an extension cable to provide for more slack. Or just limit your movements.  If you’re using the new Airpods, you don’t need to worry about cabling, but still be aware of mic positioning for the best sound.

6. Record a Test When you’re set up and ready to live stream, record a test video and play it back.  You can then watch and listen and make any appropriate changes to lighting, background and mic placement.  Once you’re ready, Live streaming is as easy as pressing a button on your Facebook app.