5 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur

December 14, 2022
Shari Steinbach
Business Skills

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

An entrepreneur is a unique type of person and they think in very specific ways. When you listen to them you may hear clues about how their brain works, and it can be very enlightening. Here are some of the ways these individuals think and suggestions for shifting your mindset to that of an entrepreneur.

Understand your unique contribution – Entrepreneurs know the unique way they contribute to the world and they focus on it. To begin thinking like an entrepreneur, first define your individual mission and purpose. Do a deep dive into understanding what you can offer due to your skills, what you enjoy and what the business world needs.

Be a problem solver – Solving problems is a constant for entrepreneurs. From small issues to bigger ones, their desire for improvement, coupled with constant questioning, allow them to improve anything they put their mind to. To think like an entrepreneur, be on the constant look for a better way. From how to structure your work website to program execution. Use your knowledge and connections to make things exceptional.

Spend energy on the right things – Entrepreneurs know that they don’t have an unlimited supply of energy so they don’t spend it on unnecessary tasks that leave them drained. They also avoid negative people who exhaust them with drama and scaremongering. Get into the entrepreneur mindset by asking yourself if there are things you can let of to help conserve energy and not waste it. Save your energy for those things you can control and keep it channeled to the progress of your work and that of your team to achieve positive results.

Practice persistence – You’ve heard that successful people have often experienced many failures. This is true of entrepreneurs as they don’t expect to always get the win at first. If they fail, they simply shift their plan, approach, and follow up. They determine how they can stand out, make an impression, and succeed. With persistence, they get the job done. Think like an entrepreneur by interpreting a “no” as a “not yet.” Put in more work and show that your plan is so good, you can’t be ignored. Word will spread and others will seek you out for your talents.

Fully commit – Entrepreneurs don’t jump from one thing to another or get caught up in side projects that take them off track. They stay committed and have tunnel-vision for the long haul. You know you are thinking like an entrepreneur if you stay intentionally focused on your passion, stick with your career plan, and trust your vision to move forward. Don’t give the doubters and naysayers a second thought as you move forward with purpose and watch your career take off to exciting new heights.