4 Reasons You Should be Using Video and Much More

4 Reasons You Should be Using Video and Much More

December 3, 2014

Video is a great way to deliver content – you can narrate stories, persuade or impress your audience, and take your business and professional visibility to the next level. It’s clear that videos are generally quicker and easier to digest than text-heavy copy, and video also enables your brand’s content to stand out. Data from ROI Research reports user interactivity with video at twice the rate of other forms of content! From a business perspective getting more eyeballs on your brand, store, promotion, etc., translates to purchases and bigger basket size.

It’s key for Retail Dietitians to understand the trends and stats for online videos in order to make the biggest impact when creating and sharing content through this medium. 

Here are four reasons you should be integrating video into your marketing efforts thanks to the Content Marketing Institute

  1. On-line video has increased eightfold in five years.
  2. Video will be 55 percent of all internet traffic by 2016.
  3. Video on demand will triple by 2016.
  4. Mobile video traffic will increase by eighteen times by 2016 (from 2011).

How can you integrate video for effective content marketing? Make sure what you are delivering is linked and supportive of your brand’s current online content and marketing. Here are some key things from Smart Insights to check off to ensure you are making effective videos:

  • Create a branded YouTube or Vimeo Channel and cross promote through website, email signatures, business cards, other social channels
  • Embed click through on your YouTube video to deliver the user to a key landing-page where action can be taken
  • Ensue video sharing is encouraged and use incentives where appropriate to encourage shares across all of your brand’s other social channels
  • Integrate video into all social channels available to your brand - make your videos easy to find
  • Make sure to create or reference already established hash tags (#) on your videos, to help gain campaign discussion and aggregation
  • Use video in email marketing (that will link through to a website landing page). Simply having the indication of a video via email will drive up click through rates.
  • Ensure your video titles and descriptions are SEO friendly and that any inbound likes use keyword rich link anchors.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to create an effective video.