2023 Virtual Experience - Meet the Keynotes, See the Agenda, and More!

2023 Virtual Experience - Meet the Keynotes, See the Agenda, and More!

March 22, 2023

By Stephanie Schultz, RD Ambassador to the RDBA

RDBA’s 2023 Virtual Experience agenda is live! Last week we shared that Phil Lempert will return as the opening keynote speaker, and this week we’re revealing three more incredible keynote speakers.

On Wednesday, April 19th, Park Howell will take the (virtual) stage to present his keynote titled, “What’s Your Story: How to Connect More by Saying Less.” Telling a compelling story is critical to building trust and a good business case. But you may not be connecting like you could because your story is muddled. Park is a storytelling genius, and he gets fired up about helping business professionals like retail dietitians clarify their story and amplify their impact!

In addition to his live keynote, Virtual Experience attendees will have access to Park’s online course before his keynote and will be invited to a one-hour virtual “Ask Me Anything” follow-up session after the Virtual Experience. Attendees will also receive a digital copy of The Narrative Gym for Business.

Barton Seaver - Chef, Sustainability Leader, Author, and Seafood Champion - is back on the agenda for this year’s Cook-Along on April 19th. He will show attendees how you can help your shoppers make quick, easy, and delicious meals with frozen wild Alaska sockeye salmon by cooking directly from frozen – no thawing or a bunch of pre-planning. All you have to do is grab some wild Alaska sockeye salmon straight from the freezer and cook along! Thank you to Alaska Seafood for their sponsorship of this year’s Cook-Along.

Shelley Balanko, Ph. D. and Senior Vice President at The Hartman Group, Inc., will wrap up the Virtual Experience as the closing keynote speaker on Thursday, April 20th. She will present insights from the consumer perspective with a keynote titled, “Health and Wellness in 2023: Priorities and Trade-Offs.”

We know a lot has happened in consumers’ lives in the past three years, and their personal health and wellness has been at the forefront of their concerns. However, rising prices and inflation are challenging to consumers’ wellness aspirations. Hartman Group syndicated research reveals what health and wellness means to the consumer today, their health and wellness priorities, and where they are making trade-offs.

If you still need to register, you can do that here! This year we have extended the invite to attend to a broader group of retail food industry professionals. The idea is that the interdisciplinary nature of this event will fuel health and wellness across the entire retail organization ultimately helping retail RDs become more effective.

Finally, RDBA is happy to share that we have once again submitted the Virtual Experience conference for CPEUs by CDR for dietetic professionals. Pending CDR approval, all dietetic practitioners who attend will earn CPEUs.