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RDBA Weekly

October 07, 2015

Do You “Get” Produce? Why Non-Traditional Seasons Spell Big Opportunities for Retail RDs

Looking for a way to impact your retailer’s bottom line? Think outside the “seasonal” produce box by understanding global supply dynamics and embracing non-traditional seasons.

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Nutrient Analysis…Chapter and Verse

With menu labeling and a continued rise in the importance of private label brands, knowledge of regulations and nutrient analysis is becoming essential for retail RDs. Here, Jane Andrews, MS, RDN provides a review of the newest nutrient analysis text.

Retail Dietitian Close Up: Margaret Langille RD, Sobeys

Margaret Langille has inspiring reflections of her 34-year career and how being a retail dietitian has given her the opportunity to make a real difference in helping people improve their eating habits.

Webinar: What’s Trending with Millennial Candy Shoppers? Insights to Address their Needs Authentically: Wednesday, Oct. 21st

Based on a recent independent survey of 1,400 shoppers, the National Confectioners Association reveals shopping trends that are unique to Millennials when compared to overall shoppers. Participants will gain insight on Millennials’ attitudes around candy and a balanced lifestyle, their interest level in nutrition labels and facts, and the types of chocolate they prefer and how much they know about the positive health effects of chocolate and cocoa. In addition, presenters will discuss holiday traditions Millennials value, their attitude around baking and crafting, and more.