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RDBA Weekly

July 20, 2016

Can Retail Dietitians Be Supermarkets’ Secret Weapon to Compete with Online?

Many food retailers have their big toe in the online water, but need to jump in with both feet and have their retail dietitian be their lifeguard.

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Resilience is a Necessary Leadership Quality

s retail RDs build and strengthen health and wellness functions in their companies, it’s essential to build resiliency as a leadership quality.

Is Your Unconscious Bias Holding You Back?

In less than one tenth of a second after meeting someone or approaching a situation we make a snap judgment. We unconsciously evaluate others and make choices from these judgments.

5 Product Recall Terms All Retail RDs Should Know

While it’s likely that product recalls are not a primary responsibility in your role as a retail dietitian, understanding this area will be helpful as you engage with shoppers.