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RDBA Weekly

July 29, 2015

Retail RD Approaches to Social Media Use

Retailer approaches to the use of social media by RDNs vary across the industry.

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Retail Dietitian Close Up: Laura Holtrop Kohl MS, RD City Creek Dietitian, Harmons

Passion, curiosity and altruism drive this Harmons dietitian. With excellent in-store programs in place, Laura Holtrop Kohl MS, RD is able to deliver the very best to customers on a daily basis.

Work Prioritization Part 1: Identifying Types of Work

The retail environment often prevents RDs from checking items off their daily “to do” list. Understanding the types of work that monopolize your time is the first step in building effective prioritization skills.

Are You Attending FNCE in Nashville?

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance will once again be hosting an educational and networking event at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Exposition (FNCE). If you are planning to attend FNCE and would like more information on our Saturday, October 3rd event, email RDBA Executive Director Annette Maggi at to receive additional details. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville!

Tomorrow’s Webinar: Educating Shoppers on Nutrition News at 2:00 CST

During the past 10 years, communication on food, nutrition and health has changed significantly. The retail dietitian must respond to questions, statements and product requests from shoppers based on information from the Food Babe, Dr. Oz or the shopper’s next-door neighbor, and do so effectively to maintain customer loyalty. Find out best strategies in this USA Pear Sponsored Webinar.

United Expands 'Healthy Savings' Program

United Healthcare said it is expanding its Healthy Savings program offering discounts on pre-qualified healthy foods to people in northern Illinois and northwest Indiana enrolled in a United Healthcare insurance plan.

Phil's Food Reviews: Positive Energy Pure Juice + Natural Caffeine Orange

I would like a tiny bit of pulp in the juice, but I am being picky.