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October 15, 2014

Meijer Launches Ready! For You Program

Meijer is helping busy families serve up simple meals and snacks at home with a first-of-its-kind food solutions program in each of its 213 stores. Launched last month, Ready! For You is tailored to meet the tastes and lifestyles of busy families.

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Study Shows Consumers Are Cutting Back on Calories

Obesity persists as a major American problem. We all know that, especially retail dietitians working with the public on a daily basis. Read on for results from a major study that shows the benefits retailers, CPGs and shoppers are getting from this calorie cutback.

Register Now! RDBA Webinar on The Rise of Plant-Based Eating

Who is the vegan consumer and how can your retailer embrace the plant-based eating trend? Join RDBA and Earth Balance for an insightful webinar that will equip you with marketing tactics to effectively reach this consumer group.

RDBA's FNCE Session Top Picks

FNCE's this weekend...which sessions will you attend? Check out our list of top session picks for retail dietitians.

Analysts Weigh in on Whole Foods' New Pricing Program

In an attempt to lose the “Whole Paycheck” perception, Whole Foods Market has lowered perishables pricing in five Austin, Texas stores. Financial analysts shared their observations on the strategy with SN.