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RDBA Weekly

June 22, 2016

RD Close Up: Eileen Henderson RD, LD: Giant Eagle

Eileen joined the Giant Eagle Retail Dietitian team in 2011. Find out how her role has transformed - from being the dietitian for one store to covering multiple stores and having regional responsibilities, and how Eileen keeps up with customer requests.

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Conducting a Successful Media Demo

Consider these step-by-step instructions from the National Turkey Federation to build success as a media maven.

5 Buying Terms All Retail RDs Should Know

Understanding your company’s retail business helps you be more effective in your role as a retail dietitian. Having a general understating of buying terms will boost your business acumen and allow you to better understand and communicate with your colleagues.

Food Trends vs. Food Fads

In considering whether to promote a new product to retail buyers and shoppers, it’s essential to consider whether it’s a trend or a fad.