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RDBA Weekly

February 10, 2016

Why Learning Makes You a Better Leader

Constant learners are the best leaders, and for this reason, continual learning should be one of your most prized leadership tools.

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Mid-Evaluation of My Retail Dietetic Internship

Amy Peick, senior dietetics student and aspiring retail dietitian shares her first hand experience of her internship at Hy-Vee in Oakdale Minnesota.

Updates from the RDBA Office

At RDBA we strongly value open communication and to this end here is an update of what’s happening straight from our office.

Webinar: Today’s Gluten Free Shopper

From cardboard bread to gluten-free everything, we’ve come a long way. This webinar, sponsored by Udi’s and Glutino, will provide retail RDs with an in-depth update on the gluten free shopper. Topics discussed will include an overview of today’s gluten free shopper and why they choose this eating pattern, how best to meet the varying needs of this consumer segment, and a review of industry indices on whether the trend is here to stay. Ideas for in-store activation to reach this consumer segment will also be provided.