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November 26, 2014

How Can Retail Dietitians Reach the Millennial Shopper?

Retail Dietitians can contribute unique points of differentiation and value to attract and engage Millennial shoppers. Here’s a road map to create a sales-driving, loyalty-building program with plenty of Millennial appeal.

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Capture Male Shoppers in their Natural Habitat

If men look more grizzly than usual this month, they may be short on time. Seasonal demands amp up regular home routines, which men by the millions now see as their responsibilities - creating opportunities for retail dietitians to shape shopping habits and educate.

Consumers Need Guidance on Protein

There is little that can be done to stall price hikes for animal proteins; from foreign meat demand, to depleted herds, to high feed costs, the rise in price is seemingly inevitable. Advice from retail dietitians regarding animal and alternative proteins may unlock more sales for stores. 

RDBA Webinar Coming Up! December 9th

How can you capture the media's attention? RDBA's next webinar from our sponsor, Tropicana, will provide a step-by-step process to attract the media for your company’s healthy living brand, establish yourself as a valued resource to key media outlets, and promote your programs and services.

Must See Resource for Your Shoppers: The Food Allergy Buddy Card

More than 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies. The FREE Food Allergy Buddy® card, offered exclusively by SupermarketGuru, can help consumers when they're dining at restaurants.

Industry Expects Confusion, Concern About Menu Labeling Details

After beginning the process of sifting through FDA’s 395-page menu labeling final rule, industry groups say they are still unclear about what food items are covered, and they worry about the cost and speed of compliance.