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RDBA Weekly

August 24, 2016

Juggling it All: Work & Life

The retail RD job doesn’t keep 9-5 business hours, and to be successful in building a purposeful life, it’s essential to find balance.

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Retail Dietitian Close Up: Elysia Cartlidge; Loblaw Companies Limited

Elysia leads various successful programs at the two stores she covers. Despite being super passionate find out how Elysia deals with sometimes apathetic customers here.

You Are Only As Valuable As Your Boss Thinks You Are

Are you and your boss speaking the same language? Having a good rapport not only with your shoppers, but with management is key to your success.

Social E-Shopping by the Numbers: Why RDs Need to Get Involved

Social is driving much bigger increases in retail traffic than any other online channel. Do you know how to use pinterest, facebook and instagram to boost sales?