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February 25, 2015

NEW’s Joan Toth Calls For a Workplace With No Limits

RDBA recently caught up with Joan Toth, President and CEO of the Network of Executive Women, to chat about the future of business. Read on for an empowering conversation valuable for all retail RDs.

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Conquering the Social Space: Strategies to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Gone are the days when brands, businesses and industry experts turn to the Sunday Times and local news to communicate their message to consumers. Sure, the news is still the most reliable way to communicate information, but it’s rarely — if ever — the first way to communicate information. Find out some tips from social media strategist Ross von Metzke here.

Webinar Announcement: Marketing to Millennials March 17th; 11:00am CST

Millennials – the most sought-after target for today’s marketer – are resourceful, purpose-driven curators who are seeking out healthier options with a strong focus on organic and natural. Join marketing executives from top gluten-free brands, Udi’s Gluten Free and Glutino, to learn more about millennials – their shopping habits, health perceptions, and key insights to effectively market to this ever popular audience.

Brands and Retail Programs: Shared Learnings

Organic growth coincides with a decision Trans-Ocean made in 2008 to reposition Crab Classic as a healthy food product. Research conducted by Directions Research of Cincinnati, Ohio (March 2014) along with IRI scanning data, shows that consumers have responded to our healthy, quality messaging. Read on for key learnings form our experience.

Promoting Health and Wellness through Education and Ease

How can we educate our customers to make informed decisions for themselves and their families? Margaux Drake shares her experience visiting Southern California grocers to see what’s hip and trending and how that can translate to stores across the country.