Past Webinars

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RDBA WEBINAR: Plant-Based Trends in the Supermarket Aisles
RDBA WEBINAR: Food as Medicine: Bringing Food Prescriptions & Medically-Tailored Meals to Retail
RDBA WEBINAR: Understanding Today’s Beverage Aisle & Shopper
RDBA WEBINAR: New Social Media Trends Every Retail RDN Needs to Know 
RDBA WEBINAR: Innovative Ideas for Reaching the Snacking Consumer
RDBA WEBINAR: Rethinking Center Store: A Sea of Opportunity
RDBA WEBINAR: Caffeine: Connecting Shopper and Science Insights
RDBA WEBINAR: A Technology Primer for Supermarket Dietitians: How to communicate effectively with IT and digital teams to better promote nutrition communications
RDBA WEBINAR: Storytelling – How Retail RD’s Can Use the Power of Storytelling to Influence Key Audiences
RDBA WEBINAR: Phil Lempert's 2017 Food and Retail Trend Forecast